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Top Mattress Cleaning in London

Keeping your mattresses clean and hygienic is a valuable step in ensuring restful and restorative sleep. And despite some common beliefs, it’s also an easy thing to arrange. Book mattress cleaning London from Michael Hunt Home Professionals and discover treatment options that are suitable for any mattress you have. 

Facts About Mattress Cleaning in London

mattress cleaning servicesDo not let mistaken ideas about the time or inconvenience of mattress cleaning stand between you and a perfectly hygienic bed. Mattress Cleaning is possible for any type of bed, there’s a technique to suit all types.

  • Some cleaning methods do not require water, so there’s no drying time involved
  • Dry cleaning techniques are also suitable for pillows and duvets
  • Visible staining is one thing. Fungal spores, viruses, dust mites or bacteria in your mattresses are far more of a threat to your health than surface marking
  • Your mattress could be cleaned and ready for use in less than an hour

How Your Mattress Will be Cleaned?

Your technicians will start by assessing your mattress. Depending on its composition, the specific issues you wish to address and the time you’re able to set aside for drying, they’ll recommend one of the following cleaning approaches:

Steam Mattress Cleaning

This is the treatment of choice for stain removal on mattresses that will withstand a water based treatment.

  • Stained areas will be pre-treated with a detergent that will be selected based on the type of staining.
  • The whole mattress is then shampooed and most of the water is extracted at the end of the treatment along with debris and dirt from deep within the fibres.
  • This method offers the deepest cleaning and is effective against dirt, bacteria, fungal spores and bed bugs. You will need to allow at least 24 hours for the piece to dry after cleaning.

Dry Mattress Sanitising

Your technician will use high-intensity UV light and powerful suction to destroy fungal spores, odour causing bacteria, dust mites and other allergens. Suction is used to extract debris from within the mattress.

This method is especially suited for beds in your hostel, hotel, care home, or anywhere else where it’s vital that the mattress is available for use as quickly as possible:

  • Treatment is rapid, taking only around 15 minutes and it’s not necessary to remove the mattress from the bed.
  • With no fluids required, there’s no drying time, the bed will be ready for use instantly.
  • No chemicals of any sort are required. This system is 100% natural and 100% safe.
  • The technique may also be used on your pillows or duvets.

Combine Mattress Cleaning in London

You’ll find the base rates for cleaning a single mattress on MHHP prices page. Discounted rates are available when you request the cleaning of more than one mattress, or when you combine this with certain other services we offer. Mattress cleaning will complement your London upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning.

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Your cleaners were great, all the soft furniture of my home looks wonderful and the whole process was much quicker and far less expensive than I expected. A superb service – thank you so much.
I would without doubt recommend your sofa cleaners in London. I haven’t found any other company in the city that is able to match you in terms of quality or price.
The upholstery cleaning services that your sofa cleaners provided was of a flawless standard. I will definitely be calling again whenever my sofas are in need of a thorough once over.

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